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Hopefully here I have managed to answer some of the most common questions I get asked but if your question is not answered here or you would like any more information please do just send us a message using the contact us page above.

Wedding Hall

How much notice do you need?

A lot of wedding guides recommend 3-6 months before your wedding to start looking for your cake maker, this is fine but as a wedding supplier we can get very busy during wedding season so we recommend booking in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Simple answer is its never too early at all, our order books are open 3 years in advance.

Wedding Cake

Do all the tiers have to be the same flavour?

No absolutely not.  You can totally have a different flavour cake for every tier as each cake will be on its own thin separate board and iced individually so when it comes to cutting the cake can be dismantled and cut with ease.

Bride Waving Flowers in Limo

Will you deliver the cake to our venue?

Yes of course, we will deliver and set up your cake at your venue at an agreed time.  We will speak and work with your wedding organiser or venue events team to ensure a smooth setup and turn around time.
We do also allow collection on cakes of 2 or less tiers only.

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Cutting the Cake Together

Do your cakes come with a cake stand?

No, we don't automatically supply cake stands or knives.  A lot of venues do have stands that they can supply but if your particular venue doesn't or you would like some thing different we do have a selection that we can hire out should you wish to.  Please ask if this is something that you would like more info on.

Wedding Decorations

Do you provide fresh flowers with your cakes?

No, we do not provide or recommend the use of fresh flowers on cakes that are to be consumed, this is due to the fact that so many flowers are toxic and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt etc.  However if you would like fresh flowers on your cake please speak with your florist as it would be their responsibility to provide make safe and attach to the cake.

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Do you offer cake samples?

Yes we do offer cake samples.  These are priced at £20 a box and will consist of 4 flavours of your choice from our flavour menu to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.  These can be collected from us, or we can hand deliver if you are not too far from us or they can be posted to you.  Just send us a message and we will advise when our next sample baking dates will be.

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Image by Thomas William

What size cake do I need?

This can be a bit of a tricky one to get right, but as a guide we recommend catering for around 75% of your guests as there will be some that wont have any cake.  It will also depend on the size of the portion you would like to give your guests.  This is some thing we can discuss and work out what is best for you in our initial conversation.


How do I order a cake with you?

Its really easy to order a cake with us, we have a whole page dedicated to this please see above for the link titled How to order.

Image by Fernanda Martinez

Do you supply allergen free cakes?

Although we can make nut and egg free cakes, we do use and handle known allergens on a daily basis and although every care is taken to avoid cross contamination we can not 100% guarantee that any cake will be completely free from any known allergens.  If you or any one that will be consuming the cake has an allergy please let us know before hand and we can advise on how to proceed.

FAQ: Guest Info
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